Pondok Kopi Umbul Sidomukti Semarang: Enjoying Magnificent View From A Coffeeshop

Semarang has lots of coffeshop in town, one of them which we had visited is Tekodeko Koffiehuis. But we wanted an outdoor coffeshop, one place that I could sit enjoying the view with mr.husband, while our Kiddos will be busy with their outdoor exploring activities.

After our swimming session at Umbul Sidomukti, as advised by Mba Deti, our spa therapist at Novotel Semarang, we continued our journey to Pondok Kopi Umbul Sidomukti. We knew that we were going to love the place as we were passing the very steep road up to the hill.

And finally we safely arrived at Pondok Kopi Umbul Sidomukti, Semarang.

Probably it is one of the highest Pondok Kopi in Semarang

It was around 1 pm, all the seats were full. We wanted to sit outdoor to enjoy the view, but it was really hot. After waiting for a while, we got our table inside the cafe.

Our Kiddos ran here and there at Pondok Kopi, we didn't know where they had gone since we arrived at Pondok Kopi. Later on they managed to find us:p

The view from Pondok Kopi is incredible!
It was too hot to sit in this area (:

Our table is around this area

The food and drink on the menu were just standard. I was already informed that the food is not so nice here, so we tried only their snack. We were full already after eating Bakso (meatball) at Umbul Sidomukti.

We choose Tahu Goreng (fried tofu) for our snack and ice cappuccino+black ice coffee. We didn't expect that much from the snack and coffee we ordered. We were happy already to be at this amazing place. We could feel the wind blowing and the fresh air. What a day!

By the way, I still think that the price is very reasonable. Maybe because I compare the price with Dusun Bambu Lembang-Bandung. But I did read some reviews saying that the price at Pondok Kopi is not worth it.

The menu
Our tiny fried tofu
Mine and mr.husband's coffee

I guess, the price is not only for the food and drink. But also the price to enjoy this beautiful place. To take pictures of the nature, and to enjoy your family time in the outdoor.

The cloud was so close:)
The view
The brotherhood
The "not really successful picture but I love the background":D

How to go to Pondok Kopi Umbul Sidomukti?

I am not the expert of the area, but we just followed the sign to Umbul Sidomukti from Unggaran. And after reaching the entrance to Umbul Sidomukti, just continued your journey to Pondok Kopi Umbul Sidomukti. 

The sign were all clear enough, that the first timer like us succeeded arriving at Pondok Kopi without getting lost:)

But I just want to share some pictures of the steep street, just to give you some idea how high Pondok Kopi Umbul Sidomukti is.

The road going to Pondok Kopi
It was a one way road and very narrow

I kept on thinking how if we had to share the narrow road with another car from the opposite side? But on our way back to Unggaran, we found out that there are two different road to exit Umbul Sidomukti.

That's why there were no traffic jam around the area, even on a long weekend. Again I compared it with those small roads from and to Lembang from Bandung. Traffic jam is bad, especially on a long weekend (:

The exit

Planning to go to Semarang? Do not forget to include Pondok Kopi Umbul Sidomukti into your itinerary. This beautiful place awaits you. 

Or even better, you could also stay at the villas. Check this link for the price.

The villas around Pondok Kopi

written on June 27, 2016 by @tesyasblog

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  1. nahhh itu yg td mau aku tanya... ada penginapan deket2 sana ato ga :D.. trnyata ada ya mbak.. soalnya tempat kyk gini aku lbh suka nginep mbak.. pasti sejuk kan malam2 :).. pemandangan cakep, udara dingin, ada kolam utk anak2 pula.. sesuai yg aku suka :)

    1. Iya Fan, aku juga pengen nyoba nginep di camping ground-nya next time:)