Fish Sandwich (Balik Ekmek) at Galata – Istanbul

The famous fish sandwich or in Turkish called "Balik Ekmek, was our “most wanted” Turkish food before we arrived in Turkey. It was started when mr.husband saw a tv show about one traveller who was enjoying Balik Ekmek near Galata bridge in Istanbul. Ever since, we talked a lot about the Balik Ekmek: how the sellers made the sandwich on a boat, how big the portion was but on the contrary how small the tables and seats are.

Our bucketlist checked on the second day we were in Istanbul. In a search for a beautiful sunset, we went to Galata Bridge. However, as we took pictures first of Ramazhan Iftar at Sultan Ahmet area (breakfasting), we arrived too late for the sunset.

We had just missed the sunset around Eminonu Bus Terminal and the Galata Bridge

We arrived just few minutes after the iftar, so the stalls were full, but we managed to find our tables. There were up to four stalls, we stopped at the first one (actually we didn’t know which one to choose:p)

Enjoying The Balik Ekmek

Sitting on our small seats, we were confused of what we found on a table: a bottle of what we thought a lemonade (we thought someone left their drink on our table:p), and also a bottle of salt (or "Tuz" in Turkish). After seeing a Turkish couple who sit next to our table, I said to mr.husband, “It isn’t anyone drink, they put it on the top of Balik Ekmek”.

Lemon sauce for the Balik Ekmek

Then I approached the Balik Ekmek’s kitchen to order our sandwich (one sandwich cost TL8). First we only ordered one Balik Ekmek, but after finishing the first one, we ordered the second one. “One Balik Ekmek without onion, please” I said to the seller. Thanks God he understood English. 

The kitchen was on a boat

Balik Ekmek is a sandwich with salad, onion and a big fish fillet. It taste really delicious, and I considered it cheap for that size. That’s why we came back for a second visit:D

We had to sit on a very small chair:D
Happy face with Balik Ekmek:D 
Look at the thick fish fillet! It was so yummy!

Do Not Forget to Try The Stuffed Clams

While you were seating on those small tables and chairs, there will be someone who walked around offering stuffed clams with rice. We tried one for TL10, and few minutes later we called him back for the second portion.

It was so delicious that our Kiddos also loved it.

The seller of stuffed clams

Kiddos#2 trying the stuffed clams
Enjoying our Balik Ekmek dinner

Travelling teach our Kiddos to try new food in other country. Kiddos#1 wants to be a chef, so by having the experience to taste local food when we travel, we hope it will enrich his dream to become a chef:)

Strolling Around Galata Bridge For The Sunset

Few days after our first visit to Galata bridge, we took our parents and Kiddos to Galata for a stroll on the bridge to see all the man fishing on the bridge, and also to try the Balik Ekmek. 

We stopped at Karakoy Tram Station and make an enroute to the Galata bridge. Then we started exploring the bridge.

Our kiddos really wanted to try fishing on the bridge 
Family picture on Galata Bridge

I approached one of the guy who rent the fishing equipments. With a very limited English, we tried to communicate. At the end I spoke in Bahasa Indonesia, while he replied in Turkish:D

With that weird communication, I still understood that he asked TL60 for the rental, but I said it was too expensive. And I explained it to Kiddos#1 who really wanted to try fishing. "Kakak, it is too expensive, and we don't know how to do the fishing from this tall bridge" I explained. With his sad face, he said ok, and at last we tried to hold the fishing equipment:D

I asked a lovely and handsome man who was fishing with his son, to borrow his fishing equipment to take pictures. And he said ok. "My boys want to try fishing, is that ok if we borrow for 5 minutes?" I asked him. And he lended it to us. But Kiddos#1 didn't want to touch it at all. He was still very disappointed (:

Of course, I didn't get any fish:D

There were lots of people fishing on Galata Tower that day. A lovely view at Istanbul that I used to see on my lonely planet book:D And when I saw it with my own eyes, of course I was so happy:)

Fishing on Galata Bridge

Mr.husband went down under the bridge, and there were lots of restaurants to try the Balik Ekmek under the bridge. You can choose eating at these restaurants or near the Eminonu Bus Terminal, just like what we did.

The restaurants under the bridge

How to get to Galata Bridge from Sultan Ahmet

It was easy peasy. Istanbul has a very lovely tram which is very tourist friendly.

Take the tram T1 heading to Kabatas, then alight at Eminonu Station. From there just walk to the Galata Bridge (about 5 minutes), where you can see the Balik Ekmek sellers on a boat.

Things to bring when you are planning to have Balik Ekmek:

-  Do not forget to bring wet tissues, you will need it especially when eating the stuffed clams. Anyway, there were wet tissues sellers walking around the tables (which I found very annoying, but I realize that the boys were trying to earn money), 1 tissue for TL1.

-  And for Indonesian, bring the sambal in bottle (to name few brands: Sambal Belibis, Sambal ABC, etc). I didn’t bring any sambal, and how I regret it!:D

Galata Bridge At Night

Before going back, mr.husband took pictures from the bridge. And this is how will remember Istanbul at night... 

Thank you Istanbul!

The Balik Ekmek sellers seen from Galata Bridge

written on July 13, 2016
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  1. Itu ikan nya tebel banget dalam roti nya

    1. Iya Om Cumi, enak banget karena tebel:)

  2. Jadi makin pingin ke Turky....

  3. asik bgt ....Balik Ekmeknya looks delicius

  4. Sebagai penggemar ikan, aku... MAU!

  5. Jd pengen nyoba.. Disini gak ada yang jual ya..? Apa ikannya harus dari sana biar mirip ;p

    1. Aku belum tau Mba Fluory, di Indonesia ada enggak ya yang jual? Atau bisa kita jadiin lahan bisnis ya? Tapi ikannya apa ya hehe..

  6. aku prnh nyobain sandwichnyaaa ^o^.. tp ga inget apa stall yg mnjual balik ekmek ini ato stall yg lain.. ada bnyk yg jual fish sandwich kan ya mbak.. dulu itu kita cuma sehari sih kliling istanbul, jd ga terllau merhatiin banget.. aku aja lupa nama jembatannya, dan baru inget stlh baca postinganmu ini :D.. Cuma ini makanan turki yg cocok ama aku.. sebelumnya kita sempet makan di restoran nth apa, cakep tp makanan yg dijual ga cocok ama lidah kita.. kejunya strong bgt baunya.. trs menu lainnya hambar.. tau gitumnding beli sandwich ikan aja trus2an ;p

    1. Wah Fan, aku cocok ama makanan Turki, untungnya pas pulang timbangan enggak naik hahaha. Iya sandwich ikan nya emang enak, cuma rotinya itu gede banget ya!

  7. Widiih seruuu.. Istanbul dan Turki emang gak ada matinya. Selalu Berkesan. Jadi pengen ngajak keluarga juga ke sana..

    1. Iya Mba, ayo ke Turki. Aku pun pengen balik lagi #eaaaa

  8. Mba tesya. Klo mau ke istanbul harus pake travel insurance ya kya axa. Beli asuransi perjalanan at ga perlu klo hya 1 minggu. Selain paspor sm evisa. Apa aka mbak mungkin dokumen yg hrus dibawa. Trimkasi

    1. Hai Mas Irvan, iya perlu paspor dan visa aja dokumennya.
      Kalau aku selalu beli asuransi perjalanan Mas. Kemarin beli Rp 1 juta ber 4.

  9. duh, nerjemahin dulu baru berusaha memahami bahasa Indonesianya. terimakasih sharingnya Bu, jadi bekal buat bulan depan insyaAllah ke sana, naik Qatar via KL juga.

    1. Sama-sama Mas, jangan lupa mampir dan makan Balik Ekmek ya:D