Ramazan (Ramadhan) Iftar at Blue Mosque - Sultan Ahmet Istanbul

It has been a dream of mine to feel how it's like to enjoy Ramadhan in other muslim country. I would like to learn the different culture, food they consume at Iftar (break fasting time), and the night prayer that we called tarawih.

This Ramadhan of 2016, I spent two weeks in Istanbul and Cappadocia with the whole family including my parents. They always wanted to go to Turkey, and so did I: Turkey has been on my bucketlist for years!

We stayed around Sultan Ahmet, which made us visited Sultan Ahmet Square almost everyday to enjoy the Ramazan iftar which is celebrated at the park around Sultan Ahmet, as well as in front of the Blue Mosque.

Getting ready for the Ramazan iftar near the Hippodrome

People came with their picnic rug, teapot, and even a portable stove to keep their teapot and food warm. They sit around the area which is surrounded by fence, but no body seems to be care about the fence:p

How I loved to see their family time were well spent at Ramazan Iftar.

This is how Turkish celebrate their break fasting

Meeting point for families and friends

How about in front of the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia? Were there any people around? Yes, it was as crowded as at the other side of Blue Mosque. Many people gather in front of both of the building.

We arrived in Istanbul only two days after the bombing at Ataturk International Airport. But it didn't impact how people enjoyed the festive month, especially to have iftar around Blue Mosque.

Ramadhan is indeed a festive month in Istanbbul
People were everywhere at Sultan Ahmet Square

Because we didn't have food by our own, we went to a restaurant near Sultan Ahmet Tram Station. I ordered a spinach lasagna and also the famous Iskender Kebap. Ohh so yummy!

Alhamdulillah we still got the last six seats left at the restaurant.

The food look so yummy!
The Iskender Kebap came with yoghurt sauce, TL28
Spinach lasagna, TL15

By the way, restaurant at iftar is really crowded, you may see people queuing for the food. If you'd like to have your Ramazan Iftar around Blue Mosque, be ready to queue for your food:)

Sultan Ahmet Tram Station at iftar time
Look at the queue!

Ramadhan Bazaar at Sultan Ahmet-Istanbul

Other thing that made Sultan Ahmet is really crowded is the Ramadhan Bazaar at Sultan Ahmet which is called "Asirlik Tatlar Ve Sanatlar".

The lights made this bazaar a special one
It was so crowded

At the Ramadhan bazaar, you can find Turkish Baklava, Turkish Coffee and many more. There are arts and also souvenirs sold at the bazaar.

My mom bought baklava for her iftar

Baklava for the sweet tooth

The famous coffee: Kurukahveci Mehmet Effendi

It was a memorable experience to see how people in Istanbul celebrate the month of Ramadhan. Even until 12 am, they still enjoying the fountain located in front of Hagia Sophia.

Beautiful fountain in purple

Hope you enjoyed this post, my first post on our #TurkiyeFamTrip on tesyasblog. To end this post, I would like to wish tesyasblog's reader who celebrate Eid Al Fitr: Eid Mubarak. May Allah give us the opportunity to meet with the next year Ramadhan. Aamiin.

"Elveda Ya Sehri Ramazan" - Goodbye Ramadhan

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written on July 6, 2016

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  1. I supposed it's 12am? :) happy eid Mubarak

    1. Thanks Martin for the correction, yes it was "am" :D
      When will you visit us again in Jakarta?

  2. Keren banget
    Minal aidin maaf lahir batin kakak

    1. Sama-sama Om Cumi, mohon maaf lahir dan batin ya..

  3. maaf lahir bathin ya mbaaa ^o^

    di foto mbak terakhir, aku pernah foto di tempat yg sama juga berduaan ama suami ;p.. tp sayang krn yg ambil kurang jago, jd rada blur hihihihi ;p.. hrs dtg lagi utk foto kayaknya...

    itu rame bgt yaaaa... apalagi yg di taman :D.. jakarta aja ga prnh juga serame itu keluarga piknik nungguin buka puasa di taman :D

    1. Sama-sama Fanny, maaf lahir dan batin ya...
      Sedih pagi ini liat keadaan Istanbul kacau balau (:
      Iya Fan musti balik lagi ke Turki, aku pun betah banget di Turki.

  4. Wowww ... asik banget ya, bisa piknik2 di situ!
    Btw, bazaar nya pasti banyak makanan enak di sanaaa :)

    Happy Idul Fitri ya, kaakk :)

    1. Makasih Kak Timo, mohon maaf lahir dan batin ya!
      Iya nih suasana buka puasanya asik banget, mustinya di Bandung bisa kayak gini nih.