Bubble Hotel Bali: Unforgettable Birthday Trip To Sleep Inside A Bubble Tent

I wanted to have something different for my birthday this year, and sleeping inside a bubble tent would make my wish come true. I loved balloons since I was born, when I saw there's a bubble tent in Uluwatu Bali which was available on my birthday, the reservation via airbnb was made.

We arrived in the late afternoon because of traffic jam in Uluwatu area. The host advised us to come before sunset, because to reach the bubble tent we had to walk down the hill for about 20 minutes.

Half the way down, we saw our bubble. Yeay!

Our bubble tent, still far away to go

Going Down The Hill To Reach The Bubble Tent Bali

This was the difficult part of staying at Bubble Tent Bali: the hill that we had to go down (or climb on our way back). I had seen videos on youtube about this, so I made our Kiddos mentally prepared:D

We parked our car near one villa then started our walk, led by one lady who had been waiting for our arrival.

Kiddos#1 found it exciting, but it was hard for our Kiddos#2. Although that it took 10 minutes longer for us, but we made it. We traveled light, everyone had to take their clothes on their backpack.

The walk started from here
Our Kiddos#1
Our Kiddos#2

After 30 minutes of down the hill, we made it to the greenfield, located near to the beach.

We went down from the building on the top
Finally the beach!

We were welcomed by Wayan who waited near the beach, and had to walk another 15 minutes to our tent. It was so heavy to walk on the sand, especially with your leg which had worked hard trekking down the hill. Lol!

Wayan escorted us to our tent

Arrival at Our Bubble Tent Bali

Our effort was well worth it. The bubble tent was ready waiting for us. It was hidden by the trees, welcome to our home.

So excited when I saw it with my eyes for the first time
Myself and my bubble tent

It goes without saying that our Kiddos went straight to the beach, waiting for the sunset. There was no one else, beside them. What a perfect beach in Bali: the Nyang Nyang Beach.

A very clean beach
The sunset at Nyang Nyang Beach
Brotherhood on the beach

I and mr.husband managed everything with Wayan, our Kiddos stayed on the beach.

They could stay here like forever
View from the bubble to the beach
Our bubble tent came with a swing

Mr.husband took the pictures of our bubble, before our Kiddos entered the bubble and ruin it:p

When we reserved the bubble tent, we were told that the bubble was only for two person. But we insist staying with our Kiddos, and we agreed to be charged an additional fee of USD20. In total, our rate was around USD100 to stay one night in this bubble tent.

The bubble tent and the greeneries
The bed was enough for the four of us

It Wasn't That Easy To Enter & Exit From The Bubble Tent

Wayan told us how to enter and exit the bubble tent. We had to open the first door, the small one. And that part will be deflated, until we open the bigger part of the bubble tent.

The timing is important, otherwise you will have the bigger part of the bubble deflated. And imagine it to enter and exit with your children. It was four times more difficult! 

But it was part of the experience.

The door we had to pass to exit and enter the bubble tent
The bubble is surrounded by the hills
The view from the bubble to the outside world

BBQ At Bubble Tent Bali

We also ordered BBQ from Wayan (for an additional fee), but too bad due to the weather, we couldn't have our campfire in front of our beach.

The BBQ we ordered was seafood, consist of fish, prawn, veggies and also marshmallow for our Kiddos.

When Wayan left, mr.husband was the one who grilled the seafood for us
It was a bit challenging to have barbecue in the dark:p
Our Kiddos were enjoying the marshmallow

The Night View at Bubble Tent Bali

When the night came, everything was magical. It was dark, very dark. After our barbecue, we went to the toilet with our torch. And fortunately no one needed to go to the toilet in the middle of the night.

It was cloudy and we could not see the stars, but we still saw airplanes passing by in the sky from our bubble tent. And that was amazing.

We were ready to sleep

Our Back To Nature Toilet

"How was the toilet?" was questioned by many of my friends on instagram. Well, it was an open air toilet, with a back to nature concept:p

There was a shower, yup in an open space, and there's a toilet. And that's all.

The shower
The toilet

The next morning while waiting for Kiddos#1 taking shower, there were guests coming from the back of our shower. The cows! Oh my... what an experience!

We called mr.husband and we found out that we got cows attack around our bubble tent! Hahahaha..

The cows near our bathroom
And around our bubble tent..
They were like everywhere
One little cow was approaching

Enjoying Our Morning at The Bubble Tent

The next morning, we played a bit on the beach before it rained. And when it was raining, we went inside the bubble for taking picture session:)

The morning well spent
An unforgettable stay inside the bubble tent
Our signature post:D

Checking Out In The Morning

As we wanted to hunt some coffee shops in Ubud area, we decided to check out early. We just left the bubble, and walked back going up the hills.

The beach was too beautiful

At the same place, we sit for a while to rest and also enjoy the view.

We took our time to inhale and exhale..
The view to the bubble hotel

Bye for now Bubble Hotel Bali, and thanks for the unforgettable experience :)

Written on January 27, 2018
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  1. hehehehe
    nice experience especially attacking by cow..

  2. ini yg lokasinya selalu pindah2 itu kan kak? aku pernah liat beauty vlogger yg nginep disini terus malemnya minta check out krn ada yg ngintipin dia gitu, creepy jg ya :))

    happy belated birthday ka tes, hope u had a blast !

    1. Thanks Kak Feb! Waaah siapa yang ngintipin? Aduh aku sih kalau sendirian disini ga berani juga Kak Feb:D

  3. that was a great experience. Aku ngga kebayang kalau tiba-tiba kebelet BAB tengah malam hahhaha. Unik dan pas lihat postingan mba tesya di IG tentang Buble Tent ini, aku langsung kepoin akun IGnya. Lebih sering disewa sama bule-bule ya mba. Tapi seru banget bisa bermalam di tenda transparan gitu :)

    1. Hahahaha iy Uchi, untungnya setelah kita berempat ke toilet sebelum tidur enggak ada yang perlu ke toilet lagi sampai besok paginya :) Seru, pengalamannya Uchi hehehe..

  4. Fun stories, Kak! Yes, beautiful beach, saya sendiri mengalaminya, menuruni-mendaki tebingnya sendirian hingga mencapai pantainya, dan sempat bertemu sekumpulan sapi itu. Tapi lebih seru membaca cerita Kakak yang bersama suami dan anak-anak berpetualang di bubble tent itu. What a great experience, mengajarkan kepada anak-anak untuk lebih menghargai alam. Salut!

    1. Thanks Kak, wah udah menuruni bukit itu juga ya. Cape ya kan hahaha. Tapi pantainya emang cakep ya :)