Manly Beach Sydney

On a sunny Saturday, we took the ferry from Sydney to Manly together with Arul's family. As it was two days before the new years, everywhere in Sydney were crowded, so was the Circular Quay wharf. We bought the return ticket cost AUD 14 per person, and got into the ferry.

We sat on the open space deck to enjoy the view of Sydney from the ferry. The journey was so relaxing, I like this ferry trip very much. 

After 30 minutes we arrived at Manly Wharf, we saw a Max Brenner cafe at the wharf, but it was too hot for my fave hot chocolate. We were not sure of what we must visit at Manly, so we took some brochures from the information center located at the wharf.

Arul went to visit a beach with a playground, while we sat for a while having this delicious ice cream before going to the beach.

We walked along the street with many shops, restaurant and cafes. This street connects the Manly Wharf to the Corso beach.

We sat on the beach and enjoying ourselves watching people:p It was really cold although the sun shines brightly. No wonder why many Australian enjoy the beach in Bali.

Many people were having picnic on the park along the road. We sat on the same side with them having our fish and chip. 

We went back to the wharf to catch the ferry back to Sydney. The Manly wharf has lots of cafe and resto. We stopped by at Max Brenner to have our hot chocolate taken away as we would like to catch the ferry and hope to be on time for the sunset.

And this is the sunset in Sydney taken from the ferry from Manly to Sydney. A sunset to remember :)

written on February 11, 2013 by @tesyasblog

tag: jalan-jalan di Sydney, naik ferry ke Manly beach, mengunjungi Manly beach, hunting sunset di Sydney

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  1. Woo! My home city. Great pics by the way.

    1. Thanks Adam, your hometown is so lovely!

  2. How lucky you are.... Jealous, hiks. What's next tesya? take care baby

    1. hehehe seperti blog mu, tetap semangat!

      next nya masih ada beberapa post on australia, terus kita akan post liburan with kiddos di HK ya..

      thanks for visiting:)

  3. wow.. love the panoramic view of the beach. ehhee

    1. thank you for visiting our blog,.yes it was a beautiful beach

  4. mba, itu beli tiket ferry ke Manly langsung di Wharf 3 aja? Oh ya mending ke Bondi atau Manly yah mba? Hehehe kebetulan Maret nanti saya ke Melb dan Syd.

    1. Hi Nadia, iya langsung beli di wharf aja, setiap 30 menit ada ferry nya. Karena aku ga ke Bondi, jadi ga bisa comment nih. Tapi wajib ke Paddington Market ya kalo hari Sabtu, deket tuh sama Bondi.

      Untuk pertanyaanmu mengenai Bondi or Manly, bisa diintip di blog nya Timo berikut:

      Enjoy your trip:)

  5. Aahh u got the sunset!! :o

    A ferry trip to and from Manly biasanya memang recommended dari beberapa orang!

    Sempat ke Shelley beach ga? :)

    1. Iya sunset nya keren dari atas ferry. Ga kemana-mana cuma ke Corso Beach aja..