Parai Beach Sungailiat, One Hour Away From Pangkal Pinang

Another beautiful beach in Indonesia that I really hope to take kiddos here someday: Parai Beach in Sungailiat, which is one hour away from Pangkal Pinang. It reminds me a lot to Tanjung Tinggi Beach in Belitung: because of the huge rocks and also the wave (there's almost no wave). Perfect to swim with kiddos.

This time I visited Parai Beach with my friends. I love to swim in the sea, but no one of my friends interested swimming that day. So I enjoyed the sea and the beach by myself, while my friends having their own photo session.

Beautiful Beach in front of Parai  Beach Resort

We entered the beach through Parai Beach Resort. Because we were not staying there, each person had to pay an entrance fee of IDR 25,000. At the lobby guest could rent bicycle provided by the resort. I also spotted the cottages, they look old from the outside. But the surroundings are well maintained.

the lobby and the cottage of Parai Beach Resort

Parai Beach and Resort also have a decent swimming pool overlooking the beach. But having the beautiful sea in front of the cottages, I would rather enjoying the beach and swim in the sea.

a beachfront resort

The beach in front of the resort is very clean and visiting it on weekday late afternoon, it was not crowded at all. Perhaps it will get crowded on weekend.

Parai beach is one hour away from the Depati Amir airport. You may take an official taxi from the airport to the beach cost IDR 180,000. But I would recommend to rent a car and drive by yourself as you might need a transport to get food.

Suggested Itinerary

A weekend getaway from Jakarta is what I have in mind. Take Sriwijaya flight on a Saturday morning (their first flight is at 06.45 am), then head directly to Mie Koba for your breakfast. Go to Parai beach and enjoy it the whole day. 
On Sunday morning around 10 am, go to Pangkal Pinang and have lunch at RM Asui. Pack otak-otak (fish cake) and pempek to be taken back home. After a bit of shopping, go to the airport and take the last flight around 5 pm on Sunday. Sounds a great idea, isn't it?

Remember, a rocky and beautiful beach awaits you at Parai, Pangkal Pinang.

beautiful rocky beach

written on October 1, 2013

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  1. aduh langitnya itu..... biru banget terus ada batu2 kaya dibelitung

    1. Iya Kak, mirip dengan Belitung, dan bikin betah seperti di Beltung..

  2. Udah sering denger pantai ini, baru lihat sekarang... AAAAA

    1. Kak Eka, aku suka banget tulisan ttg Derawan nya...kapan ya bisa kesana?

  3. Iya rada2 mirip tanjung tinggi, hotel nya juara banget :)

    1. Eh Kak Cum, hotel yg mana nih yg juara banget?

  4. Mbak sedikit koreksi, Pantai parai itu adanya di Sungai Liat, bukan Pangkal Pinang. Brgds