Crab Party at Raja Raja Malang

If you happen to visit one of my fave city in Indonesia, Malang, a city which is 2 hours away by car from Surabaya, you will be spoiled by many delicious food from breakfast until late supper. And I am telling you, all the food are cheap! It's one of the reason why I love Malang, beside the big trees in the city.

But I have never eat crab in Malang before. When my friends asked me if all member of our group eat crab, I answered a big YES and they took us to Raja-Raja located on Jalan Galunggung Malang for dinner.

Choose your own crab

We ordered all the favourite crab menu, which are blackpepper crab, kepiting telor asin and the sweet and sour one. The most delicious one for me is the blackpepper. The sauce is yummy, and the crab is so fresh!

Blackpepper crab
Sweet and sour crab
Kepiting telur asin

We also ordered their other menu: grilled fish, water spinach and shell. I like the grilled fish, you have to order it along with the crab.

The grilled fish is also recommended

Malang is not only famous for its Rawon Nguling and Bakso Bakar (grilled meatballs). Surprisingly they also have this recommended seafood restaurant on the list. Now, I am planning to go back to Malang soon.

written on May 15, 2014 by @tesyasblog


  1. Langsung ngecesssss, makan kepiting ini rempong mesti buka2 cangkang nya tapi kepuasan nya lahir batin. Gw demen kepiting ce yg ada telur nya :-)

    1. Iya Kak Cumi, wajib mampir kalo ke Malang :)