Public Transport From & To Sydney Airport: One of The Cheapest Option

What is the cheapest public transport option from Sydney Airport to the city? It was my question even on my second visit to Sydney. The first time, we needed a public transport from Sydney airport to Anzac Parade bus stop. We were informed by our friend to take bus 400 from Sydney International Airport.

On our second visit, we asked the staff of City Hotel Sydney how to get to Sydney CBD from the airport. The staff recommend us to take the Airport Train and alight at Town Hall Station, which is only 10 minutes walk to the hotel. Of course it was not our option as Sydney Airport Link cost AUD 17.20 per person one way! 

After browsing on the internet, we decided to combine bus 400 from international terminal and airport train from Mascot Station, thus avoiding the 'gatepass charge'. Train station at Sydney Airport is privately owned, a station access fee of AUD 12.60 per person (one way) applies at Domestic and International Airport. Taking the airport train from Mascot to Town Hall Station cost only AUD 3.8 per person one way. 

Taking the airport link from Mascot Station

How To Go From Sydney Airport to Mascot Station?

At the arrival hall of Sydney International Airport, walk towards McDonalds. You will see the sign to the bus stop. 

The sign to the "buses"

Just few meters after you exit the arrival hall, you will find the bus stop. We paid with our My Bus 2 ten rides ticket, which we bought on our last visit to Sydney. You can purchase My Bus ticket on the bus or you can also pay cash to the driver. I asked the driver to inform us when we reach Mascot Station, as I was not sure where to stop.

Taking bus 400 to Mascot Station

The driver told us to alight at Mascot, from the bus stop we walked passing one apartment, and the station was located just behind the apartment.

The bus stop of bus 400 near Mascot St.
The Mascot St. is behind this apartment

Buying Ticket at Mascot Station

We arrived at Mascot Station after 5 minutes walking from the bus stop. We took the escalator down to the station and bought our tickets. We decided to buy My Multi Weekly zone 3 ticket: an unlimited ticket for train, buses and ferries. It cost us AUD 63 per person. It also covered the train tickets to Blue Mountain.

Inside Mascot Station

My Multi Weekly Zone 3

Then we got into our train, a double decker train. Within 20 minutes we arrived at Town Hall Station, at the basement of Queen Victoria Building.

A comfortable train
Welcome to Town Hall Station

Going Back to Sydney International Airport

It was time for us to leave Sydney and catch our Air Asia flight to Jakarta. To avoid paying the gatepass charge, once again we used the same way. We took Airport Train from Central Station and alight at Mascot Station.

Sydney's Central Station

From Mascot we walked to the bus stop which is located at the opposite of the apartment I mentioned above. Then we took bus 400 to the International Terminal.

Rene is waiting for bus 400

Well, as you may know Sydney is an expensive city, but there are so many ways to enjoy the city on the cheap. Including a way to go from the airport to the city in a cheaper way.

written on July 27, 2014 by @tesyasblog

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