Things You Should Know To Plan A Mommies Day Out Trip to Bangkok On Weekend

Bangkok is a heaven for mommies, and that's why it is my yearly program to visit Bangkok with mommies. Each year, it started with Air Asia big sale, then the news was spread up through whatsapp group, and all I knew there were 24 participants signed up. 

I only had weekend: departed Saturday morning and went back on Sunday evening. Why so short? Well, look at this way: there are 52 weeks in a year, and let's make each of them count. Agree, right?:D

Bangkok is easy to explore, and it is also cheap too. This post is made for you who wish to plan a weekend getaway with your mommies friends to Bangkok. I hope that after reading this post, you are ready to be a tour leader for your friend :)  

Our group at Don Mueang, waiting for the van we rented from Mr.Tanoo

Air Asia Promo Ticket Jakarta to Bangkok (Don Mueang Airport)

On average, my friend got a return ticket for IDR 1.3 million, whilst my return ticket was IDR 2.4 million, because the flight on Sunday evening was not a promo ticket. The ticket was bought in March 2018, our departure was in February 2019. Yup a year in advance!

How much is a promo ticket to Bangkok from Jakarta? For these days IDR 1.5 million for a return trip is considered cheap. But remember, cheap or expensive is very subjective. So in my opinion, as long as you got the money to pay the ticket, than it is cheap :)

Anyway I will share with you some of my tips on getting promo ticket on Air Asia Big Sale:

1. Always notice the promo period, usually I get the promo ticket on their last months. For example if their promo period is for May 2019 to June 2020 => then I will check the promo tickets for March, April 2020;

2. Log in to your Air Asia account prior to the Air Asia Big Sale, and update the list of your family and friends. It will make the booking faster. Remember, timing is very important because there will be million of people accessing Air Asia's server on the same time (at the time of the sale);

3. Buy your ticket on the first days of the Air Asia Big Sale. Air Asia's member got a privilege to access the sale one day before it starts. 

You know, the airplane ticket covers 40% of our total expense, so plan early to get promo ticket! 

Where To Stay At Bangkok With Your Mommies Friends

Padmi and Mba Dewi in front of our hostel

I choose different hostel everytime I go to Bangkok, because I love exploring new places.  

This year, we stayed at The Quarter Bangkok Poshtel, in a room for 8 person with a private bathroom. Check their website to learn more about their rooms.  

It is a lovely place to stay, near Ratchatewi BTS station, a walking distance to Pratunam market and also to a mosque, where halal food are easy to find. And it is also near my fave coffeeshop Factory Coffe Bangkok. Ah yes, it is an important information for coffee lovers:D

Be advised there's no elevator in this hostel, we had to take stairs to our room which was located on the 4th floor:D However this hostel is recommended.

I love the lobby of this hotel
9.8 rating from booking dot com
The kitchen area

I have made reviews on the places I have stayed in Bangkok, please click each link for your reference:

2011: First time in Bangkok, we stayed at Bangkok Loft Inn
2014: I stayed at Bangkok City Hotel
2015: We stayed at Centara Watergate Pavillion Hotel
2016: One of my fave hostel, we stayed with mommies at Luz Hostel
2017: Haven't made a proper review but I wrote about Cubic Bangkok Hostel 

From all the places and area I have stayed before, my favorite is to stay near Ratchatewi BTS Station. It is on the same line from Mo Chit BTS Station (Chatuchak Weekend Market), and also with Siam BTS Station (the shopping malls). It is a walking distance to Pratunam, and Platinum Fashion Mall.

Hotels and hostels around Ratchatewi BTS station varied, just go to any other hotel booking apps, and input location Ratchatewi. Happy hunting :)

Van Hire In Bangkok For Your Weekend Getaway

It is easy to hire van in Bangkok, just google and you will find many names, even with the ability to speak Bahasa Indonesia. I found Mr.Tanoo's number also on google. And I book with him like every year.

He speaks Bahasa Indonesia very well, although his drivers may not. Whatsapp Mr.Tanoo: +66819897634 tell him, Tesya sent you! His van is always clean, very well maintained, recommended!

Mr.Chad, one of the driver

What To Expect When You Hire A Van - An Important Note

From my experience in February 2019 (transit in Bangkok on our way to Japan), we were stopped by a staff with ID card and some police, when we were picked up by Mr.Tanoo's driver. He investigated our holiday plan in Bangkok and asked why there is no local guide. I have no idea who he was and from what institution. He even speak in Bahasa Indonesia to me, I answered in English.

I was upset to be investigated, but tried to stay calm:p I showed him our ticket, as a proof that we will only be staying 10 hours in Bangkok and had to catch a flight to Tokyo Narita later on that night. 

He warned me that tour without local guide could be penalized up to THB 200,000. I said we only TRANSIT in Bangkok. He asked whether I am a tour leader, and I said no, I am an employee. Aaah so annoying! 

You have to be prepared, but don't worry. And don't be scared as long as you are right.

I was thinking maybe next time hiring a van from the airport would not be my option. Maybe it is better to take public transport (be it taxi, or bus) and ask Mr.Tanoo to pick up from our hotel/hostel.

If you plan to take bus and BTS to your hotel/hostel, I have made a detail story in this link for your reference.

Itinerary Day 1: Do Not Miss Visiting Chatuchak on Weekend

We were picked by the van at 12.00 pm, and went straight to Chatuchak Weekend Market. Our group was dropped off at JJ Mall, and walked to Chatuchak Weekend Market. We were very hungry, so we went straight to Saman Islam.

How to find Saman Islam: just go to the clock tower at Chatuchak, and walk around the tower. You will find Saman Islam.

Go to my instagram tesyasblog IG Stories highlight "BKK Weekend", you will find pictures of the food we ate at Saman Islam and also the price.

Saman Islam: always on my list, like ALWAYS hahaha

After Saman Islam, we walked around the market. Well, shopping was not really my thing, but I bought a tote bag and a scarf just as a reminder of my 2019 visit to Chatuchak.

And I also visited the Zoocraft Coffee. After a big bowl of Tom Yum, one ice latte was perfect!

A coffeeshop inside Chatuchak
My Ice Latte for the hot sunny day in Bangkok

At 4.30 we were picked up by van and went to my happiest place in Bangkok: Asiatique. Never leave Bangkok without visiting Asiatique.

It has everything from NaRaYa's shop (you know the famous bag brand from Bangkok), Mang Tango, the view to the river, seafood galore, cheap souvenirs and food as well.

We went by van Mr.Tanoo's to Asiatique, but if you wish to visit the place by public transport, read how to get to Asiatique by public transport in this link.

These pictures will tell you why you should visit Asiatique.

Never tried the ferris wheel
One of the halal food in Bangkok
Yeay a stop at Mango Tango
Ice Mango Tea
Mango Sticky Rice
There was a night market when we visited Asiatique
Oh my seafood galore!
I bought one stick of this for THB100, and it was so good!

Itinerary Day 2: Food and Coffeeshops Hunting In Bangkok

Our group was divided into two groups: one group go to Hua Hin to visit Santorini Park and Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. While my group started our day with slow jogging to Pratunam Market hahaha.

The second group (including myself) didn't really know where to go, but we had the same goal: to eat and drink coffee:D Hahaha beside, I got to catch my flight at 9 pm, that night. While other mommies continued their stay until Monday.

We were lost a bit when we had our slow jogging, but it was a blessing in disguise, so that we ended up with one hour of slow jogging, before we started our slow eating at Pratunam Market:D

First thing first, we found Porta Coffeeshop, a very cute coffeshop which is located just in front of the famous budget hotel in Pratunam: the First House Hotel Bangkok.

We ordered hot and ice latte, the coffee was great. It was a happy start of our Sunday in Bangkok.

A cute coffeeshop in Pratunam
A lovely cup, never seen this before
What a lovely art latte :)

We went back to our hostel to freshen up, and at 10 am we went to Siam for a shopping time. We took BTS from Ratchatewi BTS Station, and two stops later we arrived at Siam Paragon Shopping Mall. The BTS fare was only THB16, so cheap.

Mba Dewi bought the BTS ticket at the vending machine
Waiting for our BTS
Finally, shopping mall

After a bit of shopping at mall, we went to the basement to find our Sunday brunch and we ended up at the Brix Dessert Bar. The pancake was to die for.

Miracles are real, indeed
Yes, it was really thick and fluffy
We also ordered their banana souffle

Before going to the airport, we visited one of the well known coffeeshop in Bangkok: Factory Coffee Bangkok. I bought beans from mr.husband, ordered their latte and took away their Thai Tea Croissant.

I must say that never leave Bangkok without visiting Factory Coffee Bangkok:)

The place is near Phaya Thai BTS Station
The queue never stopped
A lovely coffee machine
The beans to bring back home
A photo session before we start drinking
My coffee latte
The charcoal croissant, filled with Thai Tea

Bangkok is always a good idea to be visited with your mommies friends. And it is also easy to plan a weekend getaway to Bangkok. Even if you only have two days like I had, you still could see a lot, and of course shop a lot:D

Written on March 26, 2019
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  1. Wah asik nih, boleh kucatat ya mbak. Siapa tau besok habis dari Malaysia sempet mampir ke Bangkok sekalian... :D

    Btw Saman Islam itu halal food ya mbaK?

    1. Hehe iya, semoga bermanfaat tulisannya. Saman Islam halal :)