Kurasu Singapore: Speciality Coffee from Kyoto Is Now Getting Closer

I remember it was in January 2017, when we flew to Osaka and took JR Haruka from Kansai Airport to Kyoto Station. The first thing we did in Kyoto was to visit Kurasu Kyoto. We fell in love with Kurasu, bought some of their coffee equipments online, and having them delivered it all the way from Kyoto to Indonesia.

We were so thrilled when we read from their instagram feed that they opened their first branch in Singapore! All of the sudden we put Kurasu Singapore on our Singapore's weekened getaway itinerary.

Kurasu Singapore is located at Odean Towers, not far from Bugis area, but anyway we took bus to get here from where we stayed in Bugis (Village Hotel). Unfortunately I missed the bus stop closest to Odeon Towers, so we had to make a detour to Odeon, from City Hall MRT. 

And when we arrived at Kurasu Singapore, I felt like "we were home at last!"

Ordering our drink to the barista

Things to note when you are planning to go to Kurasu Singapore is their operation hours. Do check before you come, sometimes they are closed when there's a private event. I message them via instagram to make sure they open on Saturday afternoon. My message were replied promptly saying that they are open. And when the barista saw me, he asked, "Are you the one who sent us message on instagram?" Aaah, so sweet!

Kurasu Singapore is much bigger than their branch in Kyoto. However, their interior is the same: simple and clean.

The busy barista as Kurasu was full house that afternoon
The design is simple but so lovely
They sell the coffee equipments at Kurasu Singapore

Other than the seats near the barista, there's a more comfortable area at Kurasu Singapore, the one with sofas and the hanging lamp.

Too bad all the sofa were occupied
What a lovely cafe

I ordered two Ice Green Latte for me and Kiddos#2 while mr.husband ordered Ice Latte. The Green Latte was perfect, one of the best I had so far. The Ice Latte was also very good.

One glass is around SGD5-6, expensive compared to coffee in Jakarta, but hey everything in Singapore is so expensive nowadays.

Trust me, this is one of the best!
It was sooooo good!

To get here, the nearest MRT will be Bugis on the green line and Bras Basah MRT on the orange line. You can continue by walking or taking bus (especially from Bugis MRT) to Odeon Towers.

The Odeon Towers from the outside

I will meet you again soon Kurasu Singapore! And hope to see you opening your branch in Jakarta in the near future.

Bye for now Kurasu Singapore

Written on January 06, 2018
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  1. kalo dilihat dari foto, suasananya kurang cozy buat sambil kerja ya mbak.

    1. Iya Mas Deddy, soalnya rame banget ya. Tapi kopinya sih enaaak :)