Mimiti Coffee & Space: Where To Go For Your Morning Caffeine Fix in Bandung

I love Bandung my hometown in the morning for its fresh air and less crowded traffic. The best thing to do is to have my morning jogging then head to a coffeeshop to wait for my husband and his friends cycling.

And one day, I finally made a visit to this famous coffeeshop in Bandung called Mimiti Coffee & Space. Don't be confused by google map or waze. The place is now already moved to a new address on Jalan Sumur Bandung.

The coffeeshop was just opened, I had it for myself and few other people. I loved how serene the place was.

You may choose the outdoor or indoor area to enjoy your coffee

I approached the barista and order a cup of Flat White. He said that I had to wait a while because he's still preparing the cafe to open. I wouldn't mind at all waiting at a lovely place like Mimiti.

Let's get in :)
The baristas early in the morning

When my Flat White was ready, I went outside to enjoy Bandung's fresh air. It was such a peaceful morning :)

My cup of Flat White
Loved the chairs!

Mr.husband and Iwan, our friend came and we continued enjoying another cup of coffee. Mr.husband ordered their picollo.

I must say their coffee was delicious!

The picollo

Thank you mr.husband and Iwan for a peaceful morning at Mimiti Coffee & Space. Let's have another cycling session so that I could wait once more at Mimiti :)

The three of us

Written on February 13, 2018
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