Surabaya Food Street at Midnight: Pasar Genteng Night Market

Is there really a night market in Pasar Genteng Surabaya?

Actually I am not sure to call it a night market. We visited this place after I picked up Rene at the Surabaya airport. As I extended my business trip, Rene came to Surabaya and flown with "an after office hour flight" on Friday night. We were looking for a place to have our late supper, and after googling "wisata kuliner malam di Surabaya" (Surabaya's culinary at night) we decided to go to Pasar Genteng. 

Food stalls in front of Pasar Genteng greeted us warmly with the fire from each stall. It was almost midnight but the area was still crowded. The variety of food confused us, which one to choose?

Welcome to Pasar Genteng at midnight:)

I didn't want to have a heavy meal, so I choose to try the meatballs. Well, I considered it "not that heavy" compared to fried rice:p We stopped by at Bakso Asli Pak Seger (The Meatballs of Pak Seger). "Seger" means fresh, and a bowl of meatballs had made myself fresh indeed that night:p

The crowd at midnight
It was simple but delicious

We also ordered Es Campur (cut fruits with ice and milk) from a stall next to Bakso Pak Seger. It was a perfect match with the meatballs, even at midnight.

As a noodle lover, Rene ordered fried noodle from Depot WD, located few meters away from Bakso Pak Seger. The food were made one by one, so we had to wait for our food patiently.

From the menu, we saw one name which was not familiar to us. It was the "krengsengan". The chef answered me when I asked what it was. He said it was a mixed of rice and noodle. Ok, I don't like them to be mixed, so we ordered fried rice and fried noodle separately:D Oh yeah, you remind me again: we were there at midnight with all the food we ordered!

Both the noodle and fried rice were yummy

Yes, a visit to Pasar Genteng at night is really recommended. You could find lots of delicious yet affordable food. Now I am thinking to go back to Pasar Genteng on my next visit to Surabaya. 

written on April 5, 2014 by @tesyasblog

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