Hero Coffee: A Coffeeshop To Visit at Semarang Old Town

It has been a while that I have not visited the area of Semarang's old town. The area has now been renovated and there's a unique coffeeshop called Hero Coffee (@herocoffeeindonesia).

"You should try their Wine Prau coffee, it taste so good like wine" my friend from Semarang office, Pak Toto, told me. So after office hour we went to Hero Coffee Semarang and I agreed with Pak toto that sunset is the best time to visit this coffeeshop.

Sunset in front of Hero Coffee

When we stepped inside the coffeeshop, we were amazed by its rustic interior. Well it is indeed an old building, but the designer has turned this place into a cozy coffeeshop.

One lovely corner
The bar and kitchen
One corner at the outdoor seating

I ordered nothing but the Wine Prau coffee. Talked to the barista about the coffee ratio and the water temperature, as I got the Wine Prau beans and wanted to brew it by myself at the office.

It tasted very light, acid, and they say it taste like wine. How would I know, but as far as I know: it smells like one.

The Wine Prau beans
The serving of my Wine Prau coffee

There's also a roasting machine at the back of the coffee, located in an isolated place, but guests are allowed to look inside.

The roastery from outside
So happy to look inside the roastery area
What to see inside  
The roasting machine

My friends also ordered food to be shared for the whole team. Let me show you the pictures of them, my fave was the mendoan.

The tempeh mendoan
The Nachos
The pizza

Overall it is a nice cafe to visit with great coffee and food. It is not the only coffeeshop around Semarang Old Town, there are still several places to visit like Spiegel Bar and Bistro, but I personally prefer Hero Coffee. 

Until next time Hero Coffee

Written on October 22, 2019
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