Royal Garden Restaurant

We were looking for a fine dining resto in Yogya through google on the last night of our new years vacation, ended up having dinner at Royal Garden Restaurant. This resto located in front of Alun-alun Yogya. Too bad that night was raining, so we had to eat inside. Actually this is not the kind of resto we were looking for, the resto is quite old, and seems not well maintained. We than asked the waiter for the recommended food.
We ordered their Royal Home Made Tofu for IDR 30,000, and for me it taste so weird.

Another food we ordered were Ikan Gurame ala Thai for IDR 70,000 and Capcay (mixed vegetables) for IDR 30,000. Both food taste good, especially the fish with thai sauce.

Our parents ordered a traditional drink called wedang secang (I have no idea how to translate it into english:p) for IDR 18,000.

After all it was a nice resto with good food, but this one time visit is enough.

written on March 7, 2011

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