Chilling Out at 180 Coffee & Music Bandung

The 180 Coffee & Music which is around the area of Jalan Dago Bandung, is famous for its chilling pool. The pool is located at the half open space area of the cafe. Been eyeing this place sometime, and finally we made a visit.

It was Sunday morning and we had to queue to get into the cafe. The pool was only open after 11 am, so we choose to sit inside. Few kids were outside playing around the pool, so I guess our table which was just next to the pool was just perfect. And so was the hot cup of Picollo.

His Picollo and my V60 brewed coffee

We only ordered one big portion of egg benedict and two cups of coffee. The egg benedict came with a croissant and topped with a Dutch sauce.  Me, like it! Glad that we shared the plate, as it was too big to have it for myself.

It was this big!
Had our brunch by the chilling pool

I choose a light tasted beans for my V60 brewed coffee, and it was a perfect combination for our Sunday brunch that morning.

The cafe area was really nice, it was an open bar where we could approach the barista and had a small chat over the coffee beans.

An eye catching coffee bar

180 Coffee & Music is the place to go for a great brunch to start your Sunday in Bandung. Bring extra clothes and towel if you take your kids with you to this place. The chilling pool was just irresistible!

I will see you again next time :)

Written on April 7, 2018
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  1. tempatnya aku suka :) pengen ke bandung hihi