One day in Palembang without Pempek

I seldom go to Palembang even though I am married to rene who is 100% Palembangnese. As long as I remember I have been there twice for a business trip, and one time for a long weekend holiday. Of course everyone including myself will eat pempek as many as possible while in Palembang. But in one of my visit to Palembang, I didn't visit any of those pempek restaurants. That was strange of course, how a day without Pempek in Palembang would be? 

We started our day eating dim sum at Jade Garden which is located on Jalan Dempo, at the opposite of toko kerupuk 301. I must say that all the dim sum were super delicious! Really recommended.

For lunch, we tried a local dish at RM Pindang Sopiah. I love the taste of pindang, our parents sometime made prawn pindang for us. At Sopiah, they also provide prawn as one of their speciality. OMG it looks so tempting! I didn't try it though, due to my health concern.

I tried their fish pindang, the soup was really nice with pineapple inside the soup. 

At the evening, we continued our culinary experience in Palembang by having dinner at the Riverside Resto, just accross the Benteng Kuto Besak. The highlight of our dinner was to enjoy view of Ampera bridge from the resto. I was lucky that I had captured this below picture before the electricity went down (and the bridge became dark, no kidding:p).

The resto was unique as we could eat inside a boat. We sat down on the second floor, too bad there was no live music that night.

We ordered lots of food here, but for me the best food was fried Ikan Seluang! It was so yummy and crunchy.

That was my one day in Palembang full of food, mmm.. without Pempek.

written on April 8, 2013

tag: liburan ke Palembang, wisata kuliner di Palembang


  1. aihhh, pagi2 baca post ini jadi lapar tak terbendung *ngemil kasur*
    Mbakkk, kemaren ga sempat ngobrol lama lho. Next time mesti ketemuan lagi yaaa :D

    1. hahahha Debbzie, iya nanti aku ke Bali kita contact2 lagi ya..asyik ada tourguide gratisss:p

  2. Found another couple who travelling around! Nice one! I managed to read some of your entry. Interesting! Kapan mau ke Malaysia lagi?

    1. Hai Zara, thanks for visiting our blog:) Wow you've been to those floating market as well. Loved your post!

      Insya Alloh Mei ini mau ke Langkawi, do you have posts regarding Langkawi? Meluncur ke blog nya Zara:)

  3. i guess the grilled spanich macarell can win my hearth, i mean mu taste buds actually..hehehe
    superb and succulent steamed marble gobu fish too!

    1. Wow Kak, I just visited your blog, so you are a chef? So great :) Salam kenal ya Kak..