A Drink at Motel Mexicola Bali

This place was introduced by my friend Puput, she said that Motel Mexicola Bali is a really great place to take pictures:D So while our huge group went to Khrisna on Sunset Road for shopping, we took taxi to Motel Mexicola Seminyak. The taxi took us to the same direction of Potato Head, and turn left to a smaller street called Jl.Kayujati. It stopped in a really colorful place: the Motel Mexicola. Don't be confused by its name, it is a restaurant, not a motel.

an eye catching entrance

It was a Thursday night, but the Motel Mexicola was really crowded. The openspace area looks very nice, but there were no space left. So we sat down near the bar area.

We ordered mocktails for ourselves which cost around IDR 40,000. My drink called "Mangohito" with fresh slices of mango inside. It was really fresh. 

the mocktails were great and affordable

The right wings of Motel Mexicola was my favorite spot, it was really homy. The first floor was empty so we could take pictures here without the crowd.

what a cute sign:p

And this is the happy crowd that night at Motel Mexicola Bali. A great place to have a drink with your friends.

Motel Mexicola Bali
Jl.Kayujati 9 X
Petitenget Bali

written on December 3, 2013 by @tesyasblog


  1. Ah cakep kakak, baru tau kalo ada tempat ini. Wajib wajib di kunjungin ah kalo ke bali :-) Eh makanan nya bijimane ???? adakan ????

    1. Aku cakep ya Kak? Makasihh...:D Makanannya Mexico semua dah, ga ada bahasa yg gw kenal, dan sebelum kesini kita ke Flapjacks Petitenget jadi udah kenyang. Makanya mesen minum aja Kak.

    2. Mahal kagak makanan nya ????

    3. Enggak mahal Kak,,starter nya 25-50 ribu, main course nya 50-150 ribu. Btw masa anak bupati nanya mahal enggak sih??

  2. Hipster abis deh kamu kak hahhaha

  3. Hahaha iya Kak, aku saltum ya kayanya, bajunya kurang hipster:D