Prague Castle Complex

I am very excited to share my first visit ever to Prague in my travel blog. This is the most impressive city during my East Europe Trip. I fell in love with Prague!

We arrived at Prague at about 5 pm after our journey from Brno. We went directly to Hilton Prague, than had a group dinner. I didn't join the dinner that night, as most of the time I couldn't eat anything if we had local food dinner:p

The next day we explored this beautiful city, started with a visit to Prague Castle, which located on a hill. We alight at one point, and began to walk. We were warned by our tourguide to wear comfortable shoes that day, as we had to explore the city on foot. Than we arrived at a gate, the first entrance we found at the castle complex. Behind the gate we found a square with a beautiful fountain at the middle.

We kept on walking, until we found a bigger gate guarded by a soldier and which decorated with statues of Fighting Giants.

In front of the gate there is another square called Hradcany Square.

There is also a viewing gallery from the square where we can see the city of Prague.

We walked into the gate and found the St.Vitus Cathedral.

After that we got the ticket to go to the Prague castle, too bad we couldn't take the picture inside, but the ticket got the picture of it, so I posted the picture of the ticket instead.

Than we also went to the Golden Lane to see a street where houses are so small that they fit more to dwarfs than to people. Probably it's the smallest street in Prague:p

We also visited what so called Toy Museum.

The whole complex is just amazingly beautiful :)

written on November 23, 2011

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