Fillmore Coffee Jakarta: Where To Get Your Sunday Fix

I wouldn't know about this hidden coffeeshop in the heart of Jakarta, if my friend Joan didn't introduce me to Fillmore Coffee. The highlight from Joan was: the coffee at Fillmore is really good and the place is awesome.

We went to Fillmore on a Sunday morning. Although navigated by Waze, we got lost because we didn't notice that it is in the same building as Suites at Seven. We passed the building two times already, and when we finally reached the coffeeshop and told the owner that we got lost, he told me, "You have to get lost to find Fillmore" hahaha. Ok, so I assume we were not the only one:p

The effort was well worth it, Fillmore coffee shop is a small but really lovely coffeeshop to have our Sunday fix.

Welcome to Fillmore

I ordered hot Flat White as always, while mr.husband ordered their Honey Latte. Yes, the coffee taste really good. 

My Flat White
Honey Latte, one of their signature coffee

We ordered their cakes too, of course our Kiddos opted for the chocolate cakes called Brookies for IDR 32,000 and they both love it so much.

Enjoying his brookies

On Sunday morning, the place was quiet. People come and go to grab their coffee, some stay to hang out with friends. You will get a real different ambience here at Fillmore. 

Fillmore Coffee only serve cakes and also healthy bowl for breakfast. Beside the Brookies, we also tried the mushroom quiche which was really good.

The location is in the area of Karet Pedurenan, near Lotte Avenue Shopping Mall and also World Trade Center office tower. If you are using Waze or google map, look for "Suites at Seven". Fillmore Coffeeshop is located at the parking area of Suites at Seven.

Enjoy the coffee, the food and the place:)

written on November 29, 2017
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