Kafe Betawi Jakarta

If you happened to read my pregnancy blog, this is one of the most wanted place during my second pregnancy because I often want to have soto betawi. And I think Kafe Betawi is one of the place in Jakarta which has a delicious soto betawi * a bit expensive one though*
They try to design each branch with a betawi ambience. One of the example is the Kafe Betawi in Mall Kelapa Gading. The place is quite big and they have a very cozy sofa indeed..

On the menu, you may find so many betawi’s traditional food. Like kue rangi, asinan, otak-otak *is it palembang or betawi’s food by the way?* They look so delicious.. But we stick to the plan only to order soto betawi..while rene tried the nasi ulam.
Mmmm the soto betawi was very yummy..don’t forget to add sambal and the jeruk purut to the soto! Beside meat it also contains paru and babat. The paru has been cooked first so it’s crunchy.. Don’t know what to say about the nasi ulam, because I didn’t want to try it. But rene said it was also delicious. We ordered a paket hemat menu, so for the soto betaw, rice and a glass of ice tea, it cost Rp 32,000, and the same for nasi ulam. Like I said before, quite expensive for such traditional food right?

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