An Unforgettable Weekend in Bandung - Part 1

I often spend my weekend in Bandung, but this special weekend I’d like to write here is the weekend I spent with my beloved team; Lusi, Mely, Sisca, Yuli, Yuni, and Yenni.
We left our office Friday afternoon, then we go directly to Bandung. Thanks God the traffic was really fine that we could arrive around 8 pm in Bandung. We went directly to PVJ to have dinner at Zuki Suki, but we had to wait because the resto was full. So we decided to have a cup of ice cream from Gelato Bar first.

Then we were walking down the shops in PVJ when I got a call from zuki suki informing that our table is ready. Yippiieee we were so hungry.. The dinner was to celebrate my bday which has already past one month hehe... everyone loves the food.

After the zuki suki experience, we went to my home, except Yuni who was picked up by her husband and was going to join the team again tomorrow morning. Bye PVJ, we’re going to visit you soon..

The next morning, everyone woke up early and by 7 AM , everyone is ready to leave my home. I had to leave najmi with my mother and Rene that Saturday. So sorry Najmi..
First destination was to have a chicken porridge at Mang Oyo on Jalan Sulanjana Bandung. We arrived at 7.30 and the place was really crowded. We had to wait for a while to have our chicken porridge. It was the first time for everyone except for Sisca and myself, but they all like it.

to be continued...

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