Magic Pizza Riau Junction

Riau Junction is our fave place to do the grocery shopping when we are in Bandung as it has the yogya dept store. Just last week we went there, we found a little corner selling pizza called magic pizza.

We can make and choose our own topping.. First off all we choose the pizza base: pan, thin or crispy and the sauce : tomato, carbonara and mushroom. It costs 28,000 for the pizza base, sauce, mozarella cheese, and three kind of vegetables. Than choose the topping: meat, sausage, chicken, peperoni, squid, prawn..each for IDR 12,500. If you would like to add more vegetable, than you have to pay IDR 1,000 for each additional veggie.

Voila...this is it our magic pizza:

The taste is so so for the pizza, considering the price, it's cheap and ok lah..
We also order the smoked beef panini and it tastes costs IDR 15,000 with 20% discount. A great food to start our sunday morning in Bandung:)