Enjoying a Full Session at Kidzania Jakarta

It’s time to go back to Kidzania Jakarta for a full session! Yeay:)) Our Kiddos were so happy to be able to try other establishments after their short visit with the Kidzania TranzitTicket. We decided to choose the first session on Sunday morning (from 09.00 am to 02.00 pm), and we were lucky that there were not too many groups at Kidzania.

The check-in process

Arrival at Kidzania Airport

We arrived 15 minutes prior to the opening hour of Kidzania, and it was already crowded. Phew! We queued at the express ticket counter, although there were lots of people the check-in process was smooth, we didn’t have to wait more than 15 minutes.

The Kidzania crew than place a bracelet on our hand and yes we were so ready to get in.

Everyone (including adults) has to wear the bracelet

Get the Kidzos at Bank Central Asia Establishment

First thing to do when you arrive at Kidzania is going to the bank and kids will get money worth 50 Kidzos which include in the ticket price.

Kiddos made their own ATM card by storing their money to the bank (minimum 30 Kidzos). Yeay their first ATM!

ATM for Kidzania's currency

Being a Pharmacist A Medicine at Dexa Medica

We went to the second floor of Kidzania, we wanted to try the Garuda Flight Simulator. But we had to wait for another 30 minutes, so we moved to another establishment. Kiddos choose to work at Dexa Medica pharmacy.

The pharmacy inside Kidzania sponsored by Dexa Medica

As in other establishment, Kiddos were briefed before starting their working session.

Then they sat in their own chair and prepared the medicine by themselves. Look how serious they were being a pharmacist!

Let's prepare the medicine!
They also had to give label the medicine

After the medicine is ready, they got 20 Kidzos from Kidzania. It was our Kiddos’ first salary that morning.

Specs Shoes Factory

We were lucky that when we exit from Dexa Medica establishment, the session at Specs Shoes Factory which located only meters away from Dexa was about to end. So Kiddos queued up, they were super excited to make a shoe and test it at a mini soccer field.

They will get 10 Kidzos working at the Shoes Factory

After a short briefing, they sit at their own chair and prepare the shoes.

Are you ready guys?

And here comes the best part, it’s the testing time! They could use their shoes to kick the ball. What a great idea!

A mini soccer at the Shoes Factory

Let’s Be A Fireman!

One of the most favorite establishment in Kidzania is the Fire Department establishment.

Oeps, they will only get 1 Kidzos being a fireman!

Kiddos had to queue about 30 minutes before they were called to the classroom. But they were willing to wait, and as it was 11 am already, I gave each of them Pizzania.

Having yummy pizza

They were briefed how to be a Fireman in a classroom wearing the jacket and helmet of fireman.

Getting ready to work as fireman in Kidzania

Then they were allowed to stand at the back of the fire truck, of course Kiddos were very excited!

Here they go, our little fireman

After few meters away from the Fire Department, the fire truck stopped in front of a building which was on fire (an artificial one of course). And they had to spray the water to the building until the fire is stopped. Whooosssh!

No wonder that this establishment is one of “the must try” one. However, after the session, our Kiddos ran to us who were sitting on a bench and they said, "We only got 1 Kidzos" Hahaha... I could hear the disappointment in their voice:p

The Kidzania Race Track

Having tried the race track on our first visit, it made our Kiddos wanted to try the experience once again. When the car race track opened at 12.30, Kiddos queued up and waited for their turn at the tribune.

And here they go for another exciting race! For our Kiddos, it’s definitely their fave establishment! Eventhough they have to spend 20 Kidzos for the racing.

Having super fun at the race track

Trying the Climb Building

Do you have kids that like to climb over a tree? We have one, which is our Kiddos#1 :D So he loves the climb building establishment at Kidzania so much! Kiddos had to pay 10 Kidzos to try climbing the wall at Kidzania city.

Nippon Paint Establishment

The last establishment that we tried was the Nippon Paint Establishment. Kiddos wore an apron and a hat that match the color of the paint board. So cute!

They were able to paint on a piece of paper and they were also allowed to take the painting home as well.

While waiting for the paint to dry, Kiddos were asked to re-arrange a living room according to a picture that was shown by Kidzania crew. It’s a great experience!

Everyone was busy 

Our 5 hours in Kidzania flew so fast and they were still so many establishments that we haven’t tried yet. We had a FUNtastic day at Kidzania Jakarta. Thank you Kidzania!

Disclaimer: the weekend tickets were provided as a complimentary from Kidzania, however the opinion are ours.

Things You Should Know: Kidzania Parents Experience

As a grown up person, would you like to play the establishments provided in Kidzania? Nothing is impossible at Kidzania, starting May 2015 parents are welcome to try the establishments as well!

The Parents Experience session is only available on Friday and Sunday, both on the 2nd session.

Parents could try in total 17 establishments, some of them are following establishments:
- Pigeon nursery room
- Garuda Indonesia flight simulator
- ACA Fire Fighter
- Radio Station Gen FM

Now, everyone can play at Kidzania:))

written on May 11, 2015 by @tesyasblog

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  1. Ponakan ku betah diajak kesini dan ngak mau pulang :-)

    1. Ayo cobain Kidzania's Parents Experience Oom Cumi, nanti dirimu yang enggak mau pulang:D

  2. wahhh seru tuh .. pengalaman nya oke juga tuh pastinya .. sangat bermanfaat sekali buat anak2 ..
    di garut mah ga ada yang kaya gini :)

    1. Iyaa...nanti kalau ke Jakarta cobain mampir ya Mba Lia:)