Bonchon Chicken Wing at Ciputra Mall Cibubur

Here comes another post on Korean Chicken Wing adding to my previous posts of 4 Fingers Chicken at Cilandak Town Square and Kyochon Pacific Place: Bonchon Chicken Wing. The first time I tried Bonchon was when I visited Gandaria City. Since the opening of Bonchon Express at Ciputra Mall Cibubur, it becomes my fave Bonchon's outlet as it's only minutes away from home.

It's not because of the location that made Bonchon is my fave among 4 Fingers and Kyochon. It tastes real good, tasty to the bones! The spicy one is too hot for me, so my fave is the original chicken wing.

Bonchon Chicken Wing Anatomy

The chicken wing is so crunchy. You are advised to have it at the restaurant for its freshness. Other than chicken wing, I always order the spicy chicken bites for Rene.  

My fave Korean chicken wing
The chicken bites

The Bonchon Express Outlet at Ciputra Mall Cibubur is not that small like the one in Mall of Indonesia. It is a cozy place to hang out with your friends and family.

I do hope it is really zero trans fat :p

Don't forget to try the mochi ice cream for your dessert. One portion consist of three mochi with three different flavors.

Mochi ice cream, anyone?

Bonchon Indonesia has just opened their new outlet in Bandung, opposite Jonas Photo near Gedung Sate Bandung. So you may choose to try Bonchon in Jakarta, Cibubur or in Bandung. 

written on July 31, 2014 by @tesyasblog


  1. Eh gw baru tau ada mall ciputra cibubur, sebelah mana kak ???

    1. Hehe iya ada donk. Di depan perumahan Citra Gran. Jadi enggak pernah ke Cibubur Junction lagi deh sekarang.