Cafe Desa Donggala

On our way to Donggala from Palu, we stopped by a floating restaurant which called Cafe Desa to have our dinner. The wooden resto is really floating, and looks quiet romantic after the sunset. To reach this resto, you only have to follow the road (passing the Swiss BelHotel), after some km aways you will find this resto on your right.

We had fresh grilled fish and shrimp that night, and also a huge glass of es kelapa muda. Each of us ate one plate of the fish, the portion was huge that I didn't eat anything but the fish. And for my healthy reason I only took a picture of the shrimp:p 

Well, everything was perfect until I saw the waiter threw away anything which left on the plates and glasses right into the sea! Fortunately I have finished the fish, otherwise I will not continue eating it. Despite of how the waiters tidy up all of the plates and glasses, the fish was really tasty. 

written on October 21, 2012

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