Merciful Building Manado

We went to Manado for a business trip, so we had to utilize our time while we were there:p We heard about this place called Merciful Building Manado which opens 24 hours and provide food, snacks and Manado's souvenirs. So early in the morning at 6.30am, we took taxi from the hotel we stayed in - Aston Manado - to Merciful Building Manado. The taxi fare was IDR 20,000 for one trip (for sure it wasn't a metered taxi). But when we arrived there, the building was not on the main street, and we asked the diver to wait for us, so we paid him IDR 50,000 for a return trip.

The area is huge with spacious parking lot, many snacks restaurant, and they also has a traditional Minahasa house. Guests are welcome to enter the traditional house, but as we came there early, the house was closed. The shops which sells all Manado's souvenirs and snacks were not that big and packed with so many stuffs. Glad we came there early in the morning, and we were the only visitors that morning:p

You can find almost everything here, the famous "Kenari Peanuts", "abon ikan cakalang", my fave is as always t-shirts. I collect t-shirts from all over Indonesia:) You can also find frozen ikan cakalang here, if you plan to cook the fish with your style. If you are looking for klappertaart, you can also find it here.

Whoever owns this place, it's a very smart idea:) Maybe there will be similar place as Merciful Building competitor in the near future. I will check it on my next visit to Manado:p

written on October 4, 2012


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  2. brian michael12/3/13 1:57 AM

    yes, this is my favourite place..there is no place like merciful building in manado or indonesia, this place is very spectacular, very complete, and very awesome store..their staff is very kindly and excellence service..i will come to this shopping centre again and again...